Our Story

"The Heritage Nordic Cedar Tub and Sauna Beginning"

My grandfather was born in 1934 and grew up in Soumi, Finland. After serving in the Finnish army, he came to Cloquet, MN in 1953 to start a new life. Despite not speaking English, he learned to read and write, eventually becoming an American citizen. He worked long hours as an operator at the potlatch paper mill, which is now known as Sappi, for 30 years before retiring. He raised a family of three daughters and was a loving husband, father, and grandfather. As his only grandson, I spent my childhood learning from him. He was a skilled woodworker and carpenter who taught me everything I know about craftsmanship. We would spend hours in his workshop, I would steal his can of recycled nails that he pulled from old boards, straightened out and resharpened. I would cause havoc with my childhood friends as we trekked out into the woods and built tree houses and forts. Some of my greatest memories were with him “I was his Poika”.

After graduating from high school, I enlisted in the Army and served in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2006. When I returned home, I pursued and attained my associate’s degree in law enforcement but soon realized that my true passion was building and creating things. I started by remodeling my own house, which garnered attention from others who wanted me to work on their homes as well. Before I knew it, I had started my own construction business, which grew from small projects to million-dollar homes over the course of ten years.

Along the way, I was inspired by a good friend and his family, who built SETRI Barrel Saunas. This led me to want to be part of a community that was focused on building more than just physical structures; we wanted to create something that would honor our heritage and traditions. Saunas, in particular, have a deep connection to our ancestors and their customs. That’s why I created the Heritage Nordic Company, in dedication to my grandfather, my family, and our cultural values. We believe that our traditions, culture, and choices make up our heritage, and we are committed to upholding these values in everything we do.



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