Heritage Heat Bundle – Inside Feed

HERITAGE HEAT INSIDE FEED is a highly efficient wood-burning sauna stove for smaller saunas. It has a unique structure where fresh air is conducted into the burning process from above to create a strong flame. This allows the burning to be very clean and makes sure that all the wood gets burned and no wood gas escapes the chimney and goes to waste like it often does with less efficient stoves. The furnace door is made of cast iron which is very resistant and easy to maintain. HERITAGE HEAT complies with BimSchV II, the German standard for wood-burning stoves. The sauna stove is treated only with natural oils without the use of chemicals.

  • Unique structure for efficient burning
  • HERITAGE HEAT 12 kW LS allows heating from another room
  • complies with BimSchV II


  • Heat model of your choice
  • Heritage Stones to match capacity
  • Water Tank (optional)



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